Topik- Niveles

Descripción de los niveles

El Examen Oficial de Lengua Coreana (TOPIK, Test of Proficiency in Korean – 한국어능력시험) tiene  dos tipos de examen y seis niveles: N1, N2, N3, N4, N5 y N6. El nivel más fácil es el N1 y el nivel más difícil es el N6.

·Topik 1 – Nivel 1 y 2 (MCER A1 y A2)

·Topik 2 – Nivel 3, 4, 5, 6 (MCER B1, B2, C1)

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Type and Level

  • Test Type(level): TOPIK I(novice), TOPIK II(intermediate and advanced)
  • Level: Level 1 ~ Level 6(from basic to advanced)
    The level is determined by the total scores achieved in the respective test type, and range of total scores for each level is  as follows:





Fail Level 1 Level 2 Fail Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Score Range (ponits) 0 ~ 79 80 ~ 139 140 ~ 200 0 ~ 119 120 ~ 149 150 ~ 189 190 ~ 229 230 ~ 300


Testing Sections Breakdown

Test type

Test period

Test section (duration)

Test item type

Number of test item

Range of score

Total score

TOPIK I 1st Listening(40mins) Multiple-choice 30 0~100 0~200
Reading(60mins) Multiple-choice 40 0~100
TOPIKII 1st Listening(60mins) Multiple-choice 50 0~100 0~300
Writing(50mins) Supply type 4 0~100
2nd Reading(70mins) Multiple-choice 50 0~100

※ Test Item Type Description

·Multiple-choice : Selecting 1 answer among the 4 choices.

·Supply type question(writing part)

· Sentence completion type : 2 questions total

· Essay type
– I descriptive essay ranging from 200-300 letters (including spaces) for intermediate level.
– I argumentative essay ranging from 600-700 letters(including spaces) for advanced level.

Evaluation of Written Test Items


Evaluation Category

Evaluation Details

Sentence completion
(2 test items)
Content and Task Achievement
  • Is the response accurately comprehensible?
  • Is the response appropriate to the requirements of the task?
Language Use
  • Does the response reflect correct use of vocabulary and grammar?
(1 test item)
Content and Task Achievement
  • Is the reponse appropriate to requirements of the task?
  • Is the response relevant to the topic?
  • Does the response elaborate the topic and task in a detailed and meaningful way?
Coherence and Cohesion
  • Does the response demonstrate clear and logical structure?
  • How organized is the response?
  • Does the response include the use of appropriate written devices to ensure coherent, cohesive progress and logical connection of the presented ideas?
Language Use
  • Does the response demonstrate appropriate syntactic and lexical variety?
  • Does the response reflect an accurate use of vocabulary choice and grammar?
  • Does the response use the right register in accordance with purpose and function of the task?